The statue in Rio De Janeiro is one of the worlds most famous landmarks made by religious people with religious beliefs. The statue is 39.6 meters tall (including its 9.5 meters pedestal). With a wingspan of 30 meters and weighing 625 tonnes it is (regardless of its foolishness) a pretty decent object. Now, how could we not make something of greater worth for mankind instead of this abomination?

I know what we are not going to do, and that's what they did in šwiebodzin, Poland who erected an even greater statue measuring 52meters above ground and weighing 440 tonnes, with a 3 meter golden crown on its head.

Now how could we make things better in this world? Simply by a joint operation...and we do love them joint operations don't we?
Our goal is to put our mark in the history books, an equal or greater in size statue of RaptorJesus, I'm not sure where but I'm sure he would love a tropical climate as he does enjoy the sun, a place where he could be visited by everyone at some point in their lives and people with similar minds can come to bask in the glory of science.

There certainly is a lot of detail around a project of this magnitude but rest assure, if money was no object I would have built it along time ago. Sadly the world lives and breathes money and thats why this is a project made for the Internet. And who wouldn't want to go down in the history books for being totally fucking bad ass?

The resurrection of RaptorJesus can begin with your help!

TLDR: Please donate for the construction of a 50+ meter tall RaptorJesus statue in the name of Science.